• Field Inspection/Investigation and Conceptual Design Validation
  • Preliminary Design
  • Final Design
  • Construction Phase Services

Chicago Transit Authority’s (CTA) 95th Street Terminal Improvement Project will provide a major replacement and expansion of the existing 95th Street Bus and Rail Terminal.  The proposed improvements include removal of the existing terminal north of 95th St. and construction of a new bus terminal facilities to the north and south of 95th Street, new bus berthing areas, new pedestrian bridges over the northbound and southbound Dan Ryan Expressway, reconstructing and widening of the existing 95th St. Bridge and existing CTA North Bus Bridge over the Dan Ryan Expressway.  Construction will be staged to allow for the existing 95th Station to remain operational during construction.

Parsons Brinckerhoff  as the General Engineering Consultant (GEC or Consultant) under contract with CTA will serve as the project’s Designer of Record (DoR). HBM performed the following structural services as sub-consultant to PB.

  • Performed structural field inspection of CTA North Bus Bridge and existing Dan Ryan Retaining East and West retaining walls within the limits of the project.
  • Assisted PB in validating the design assumption embodied in the design documents.
  • Prepare Final Design Plans, Specification for repair and reconstruction of existing east and west retaining walls along Dan Ryan. Reconstruction and widening of the existing CTA 95th St. North Bus Bridge.  Design of new retaining walls associated with the new station.
  • Provide project management support for advanced package design
  • Provide civil and drainage QA/QC support for advanced package design
  • Provided constructions support reviewing shop drawings for reinforcement of retaining wall and request for information.

The HBM team’s responsibilities included bridge inspection services, field measurements, load rating, plan preparation, and preparation of rating report.

Project Prime Consultant:       Parsons Brinckerhoff
Project Subconsultants:          HBM Engineering Group, LLC