Design, detail and prepare construction documents for the following bridges of all types, ranging from simple to complex structures (including wind and seismic considerations):

  • Flat slab bridges
  • Concrete bridges
  • Steel bridges
  • Plate girder bridges
  • Precast concrete bridges
  • Prestressed concrete bridges
  • Prestressed concrete girder bridges
  • Post-tensioned concrete bridges
  • Box girder bridges
  • Movable bridges
  • Railroad bridges
  • Bike/Pedestrian bridges

Design, detail and prepare construction documents for the following other related bridge transportation structures:

  • Box culverts
  • Retaining walls
  • Sheet piling
  • Foundations
  • Sign structures
  • Special railings
  • Junction chambers
  • Timber structures

Perform in-depth bridge inspection, testing, bridge load rating and condition
assessment of all types of bridges in service:

  • Bridge inspection and condition assessment
  • Bridge condition reports
  • Field static/ dynamic testing
  • Bridge load rating
  • Nondestructive/ Destructive testing of structures
  • Short and long term instrumentation of bridges

Provide structural and materials applied research and development including:

  • Full-scale and model testing
  • Durability and behavior studies
  • Many other interests

Perform innovative designs using classical rehabilitation procedures and advanced composite materials (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers – CFRP) expertise to extend the service life of bridges.

Provide state-of-the-art computer modeling by utilizing commercial and in-house finite element analysis (FEA) programs. HBM staff has applied FEA to optimize design of complex structures and to investigate construction problems.