Wirtz Lakeshore Buildings

Project Location

Wirtz Realty
3240 N. Lake Shore DriveChicago, IL
3270 N. Lake Shore DriveChicago, IL

Services Provided

Phase I, II & III

Project Owner

Wirtz Realty Corporation680 North Lake Shore Drive Suite 1900 Chicago, Illinois 60611-3084

Project Contact

Emilio Miniscalco Wirtz Reality Project Manager 312-943-6374

Project Duration

24 months

Key Team Members

Moussa A. Issa, Chief Structural Lisa Buntin, Structural Engineer Joseph Glennon, Senior Engineer Mahmoud Issa, Project Engineer

The role of HBM began with performing field inspection of the parking area from the mechanical room underneath. Visual inspection using ladders was performed. Existing conditions (i.e., geometrics, concrete deteriorations,reinforcement corrosion and section losses, cracks, openings, leakage) were field inspected. The information collected from the field inspection was thoroughly studied and investigated and the feasibility of using Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) was evaluated.Final Inspection Report and Documentation.

Final Rehabilitation Plans: The work included the design calculations, plans Preparation and specifications for the rehabilitation of the parking area using carbon fiber.

Cost Estimate: Quantities were calculated and the carbon fiber rehabilitation cost was estimated. By comparing this cost to the original cost, and after evaluating other factors, the owner was able to select the most economical and most feasible option.