Tollway DUR-converted

Project Location

Illinois Tollway Systemwide

Services Provided

Various Design Services

Project Owner

Illinois State Toll Highway Authority

Contract Number


Project Contact

Joseph Glennon, PE Project Manager (708) 236-0900

Key Team Members

Robert Boro, Civil Project EngineerMahmoud A. Issa, StructuralProjectEngineerMoussa A. Issa, Structural EngineerDan Abraham, Senior Civil Engineer

Descriptionof Project

HBM is performing a Systemwide Design Upon Request (DUR) for the Illinois Tollway. HBM has completed four tasks. These tasks include providing construction documents for filming sewers, ditch cleaning, noise wall construction and curb and gutter repair atthe oases. Included was development of ESIS Part 1 and 2 environmental documentation for Task 1 & 2, RP-9 permit for USACE for Task 2, barrier warrant and structural design deviation preparation for Task 3. HBM managed four subconsultants, provided submittals thru e-builder, responded to GEC comments thru Bluebeam, attended coordination and pre-bid meetings, developed cost estimates, addendum, answered pre-bid contractor questions and provided support to the pavement restoration design consultant as Task 2 was rolled into the restoration contract.

Various Task preformed under this contract:

  • Clean and Televise Drainage System I-88
    (Mile Post 117.70 -to Mile Post 123.40)
  • Clean and Televise Drainage System I-94
    (Mile Post 21.8 to Mile Post 25.2)
  • Tri-State Tollway Noise Wall Reconstruction
    SB I-294 over Central Road to Mile Post 46.1
    NB I-294 North of Ballard Road at Mile Post 44.9
  • Systemwide Oasis Curb Repair

Description of Scope

HBM provided Phase II engineering services for the preparation of contract plans, specifications, and estimates (PS&E) for cleaning and televising the existing Tollway drainage system (structures, pipes, and culverts). The PS&E includederosion control and site restoration plans for areas that weredisturbed toperform the cleaning and televising work. The PS&E includedstaging and MOT details needed to provide access to the drainage elements for the televising and cleaning work.

The noise abatement walls scopeincludedplan and profile layout, foundation details for Noise Abatement Wall (NAW)that are ground mounted, and connection details for bridge mounted NAW, modified theexisting drainage system to accommodate the NAW, soil erosion/sedimentation control measuredas necessary, barrier warrant analysis wasrequired, maintenance of traffic, design details to accommodate and protect utilities, analysis of bridge structure to accommodate the new NAW and other appurtenant and miscellaneous construction.

Phase II engineering services for all Tollway Oases. Contract PS&E for the curb repair, patching, and drainage structure adjustments were performedat the following Oases driveways and parking lots. The scope of proposed improvements includedrepair of curb and/or curb and gutter in oases driveways, pedestrian walkways, oases islands, and parking lots, patching of pavement associated with curb or curb and gutter repair, adjustment of drainage structures related to curb or curb and gutter repair, associated restoration, full photo documentation of all curb or curb and gutter condition at each oasis in 2017, staging and pavement details.

  • Lincoln Oasis (I-294)
  • Hinsdale Oasis (I-294)
  • O’Hare Oasis (I-294)
  • Lake Forest Oasis (I-94)
  • Belvidere Oasis (I-90)
  • DeKalb Oasis (I-88)