Main services

Bridge Design

Design, detail and prepare construction documents for all types of bridges, ranging from simple to complex structures (including wind and seismic calculations)

Roadway and Civil Structures

HBM is pre-qualified with the Illinois Department of Transportation to design freeways, roadways and streets. HBM is also qualified with other Chicagoland agencies for Roadway & Highway design.

Building Design

Design, detail and prepare plans and documents for all types of residential and commercial buildings.

Residential/Commercial Inspections

HBM conducts many inspections ranging from home all the way to residential buildings. HBM works directly with DCFS for inspections in regards to ADA standards.

HBM Services

  • Bridges
  • Highways
  • Buildings
  • Structural Inspections
  • Transportation
  • Construction Engineering & Management
  • Water
  • Other Specialty Services
  • Research & Rating

Our capabilities

Cumberland Circle (Illinois Route 58 at

Modern roundabouts are different from rotaries or traffic circles. With a modern roundabout safely and efficiently circulates traffic by requiring the motorists to yield on entry rather than stop. Cumberland Circle will be redesigned based on Phase I…

North Halsted Street Bridge over Chicago

Phase II analysis, design, structural final plans,…

41st Street Pedestrian Bridge over Metra

Structural Design Of Approach Structures and Stairs The approach structures include the outer portions of the structure which cross over the recreational parks on each side of Lake Shore Drive and railroad. The main structure will be…