Lake Shore Drive over the Chicago River

Project Location

Chicago, IL

Services Provided

Phase II& III

Project Owner

Chicago Department of Transportation

Project Contact (Prime)

Jamal Grainawi, PE, Project Manager

Contract Amount


Key Team Members

Moussa Issa, Chief Structural Engineer Mahmoud A. Issa, Structural Project Engineer Lisa Buntin, Structural Engineer John Saraceno, Structural Engineer Mustafa Alobaidi, Staff Engineer

Description of Project

Lake Shore Drive over the Chicago River (SN 016-6030):
The existing structure is a double-leaf, twin-level trunnion bascule bridge with operable movable leaves. It was originally constructed in 1937 and underwent a major alteration in 1987. The sidewalk, originally located on the upper level of the structure, was reconstructed on the intermediate level of the bridge. The upper level carries three northbound lanes and four southbound lanes over the Main Branch of the Chicago River. The intermediate level carries two northbound lanes, four southbound lanes, two sidewalks and a bicycle path. The bridge consists of north and south approach spans, and two bascule leaves comprising each level of the main river span. The structure has an overall length of approximately 352’-6” (centerline-to-centerline of anchor columns; 44’-3” / 264’-0” / 44’-3” spans). The overall out-to-out deck width is approximately 112’-5 1/2”. The movable span superstructure consists of a 5” concrete-filled welded steel grid deck supported on steel stringers, built-up floorbeams and deck trusses. The approach span superstructures consist of 5” concrete-filled welded steel grid deck supported on steel stringers and floorbeams. The substructure consists of reinforced concrete piers supported on reinforced concrete caissons.

Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge at Lake Shore Drive South of the River (SN 016-1405):
The bridge is a six-span structure consisting of continuous built-up steel stringers and girders supported on steel column bents, a reinforced concrete pier and a reinforced concrete abutment at the south end. The stringers and girders support a reinforcedconcrete deck. The structure has an overall length of 393 feet and a deck width of 16 feet.

Lake Shore Drive –Wacker Drive Intersection Bents 1-5 (SN 016-6491):
The bridge is a two-level structure with three spans on Level 1 and four spans on Level 2. The structure consists of continuous rolled steel stringers supporting a reinforced concrete deck with bituminous overlay. The overall structure length is 202 feet, and the deck width is 234 feet.

Lake Shore Drive from Chicago River to Ogden Slip (SN 016-6103):
The bridge is a 5-span structure consisting of continuous multiple steel stringers carrying two levels of traffic. The upper level carries 8 lanes and the intermediate level carries 6 lanes. The superstructure supports a reinforced concrete deck with bituminous overlay. The structure has an overall length of 432 feet and an overall deck width of 214 feet.

Description of Scope of Work

The HBM scope of services includes the Phase II and III engineering services as described below:

  • Existing documentreview, field inspection, and preparation of field notes
  • Structural analysis, design, and Structural Final Plans, Specifications and Estimates for the pedestrian ramp modifications, north slab bridge construction, counterweight pits rehabilitation, bents extensions and modifications, bridge houses modifications, fixed portions of the bridge repairs and modifications, and assisting WSP in the movable span.
  • Specifications and special provisions, quantity calculations
  • Shop drawings review
  • Phase III construction support
  • Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA/QC)