HBM-US 30 over Rock River

Project Location

Carrying US Rte. 30 over Rock River, District 2

Services Provided

Phase I & II

Project Owner

llinois Department of TransportationDistrict TwoContact: Mahmoud Etemadi, PE Bridge Maintenance Engineer Dixon, IL 60121 (815) 284-5393

Contract Amount

$500,000 (This Work Order Amount: $141,626)

Key Team Members

Moussa A. Issa, Project Manager Joseph Glennon, Lead Civil Engineer Mahmoud A. Issa, Project Engineer Lisa Buntin, Rating Engineer John Saraceno, Team Leader

Description of Project

HBM Engineering Group, LLC performed the following services for this project including routine inspection for the 8-span steel plate girders bridge (142’-8” Spans 1 and 8 / 134’-6” Spans 2 thru 7; 1097’-7” total length back-to-back abutments) with 43’-2″-wide reinforced concrete deck. The East and West Abutments are stub abutments supported on steel piles. The piers are wall piers supported on timber or timber and steel piles.

Existing as-built plans were reviewed. Rehabilitation plans and inspection documents were developed with preparation of field sketches for inspection. Routine field inspection in accordance with NBIS was performed. In addition, measurements of the structural bridge that needed repairs (i.e. deck repairs, structural concrete repairs, sealing cracks, expansion joints, steel section losses, bearings, paint system, approach transition slabs, etc.) were obtained. The existing bridge deck drainage system was documented. Master Structure Report (S-107), Routine Inspection Report and theElement Level Inspection Report were completed and submitted with the recommended needed repairs to IDOT District 2. A brief report detailing inspection field notes, pictures and repair/rehabilitation recommendations was created.

Based on the drainage study and drainage design calculations were calculated to remove the existing deck drains and to determine the number, type, size and location of new drainage scuppers, deck floor drains and approach slab drains. Bridge rehabilitation plans and specification were developed. These plans included repairing deck slab (partial and full-depth repairs) and performed structural repair of concrete and crack sealing on the parapets. Existing deck drains were removed and replaced with new floor drains and drainage scuppers as required by the drainage study. The bridge deck was scarified ½” and a 2¼” bridge deck latex concrete overlay was added. Expansion joints at the east and west abutments and pier 4 were removed and replaced. Structural steel repairs were performed for steel members with section losses at various locations. Structural concrete repairs and crack sealing repairs for the abutments, wing walls, and piers were performed.