HBM-ISTHA-I-88 Washington St to York Rd-converted

Project Location

Regan Memorial Tollway Mile Post 126.9(Washington Street) to Mile Post 139.1(YorkRoad)

Services Provided

Phase II Engineering-Pavement and Structural Preservation and Rehabilitation

Project Owner

Illinois State Toll Highway Authority

Contract Number


Project Duration

December 2017–April 2018

Prime Consultants

Bloom Companies, LLCMr. Magued Zaglama, PE, SEPhone: (312) 248-8631

Key Team Members

Moussa A. Issa, Project Manager Mahmoud A. Issa, Project Engineer Joseph Glennon, Civil Project Engineer Dan Abraham, Senior Civil Engineer Lisa Buntin, Structural Staff Engineer John Saraceno, Structural Staff Engineer

Descriptionof Project

HBM performed Phase II field inspection, BCR preparation, and preparation of final plans, specifications and contract documents for the following Bridge Numbers(BN): 271, 272, 272CD, and 839.HBM also performedQC/QA for work preformed by Bloom. This included Tech Memos, ABCRs, and final plans for bridges.Various OMS Tasks were completed for Retaining Walls within the Project Limits.

Descriptionof Scope of Work

The structures(bridges and walls)are on a 13 mile stretch along the Regan Memorial Tollway Mile Post 126.9 (Washington Street) to Mile Post 139.1 (York Road). HBM preformed bridge inspections and preparation of the bridge condition report with rehabilitation design plans were completed.

List of Structures

Finalstructural plans, specifications and estimates were developed for the following Bridges:

  • Bridge Number 271:
    Eastbound East-West over Cermak Road.
  • Bridge Number 272:
    Westbound East-West over Cermak Road.
  • Bridge Number 272CD:
    Westbound East-West over Cermak.
  • Bridge Number 839:
    Westbound East-West over Yackley Road (OMS Task).

Structural plans, specifications and estimateswere developedfor thefollowingRetaining/Noise Walls:

  • EW127.20R,EB: OMS Task ID 16352.
  • EW 128.35N,EB: OMS Task ID 25861 and 28258.
  • EW129.15R,EB: OMS Task ID 28260.
  • EW127.70R,EB: OMS Task ID 28438 and 28439.
  • EW127.75R,EB (R): OMS Task ID 28443.
  • EW128.05R,EB: OMS Task ID 28444.
  • EW133.30R,EB: OMS Task ID 28447.
  • EW133.50R,EB (R): OMS Task ID 38448.
  • EW129.70R,EB: OMS Task ID 31559.