HBM-ISTHA-I-88 Tollway – Hanson-converted

Project Location

I-88-(M.P. 67.3) to IL 251 (M.P. 76.

Services Provided

Design Section Engineering Services

Project Owner

Illinois State Toll Highway Authority


Hanson Professional Services, Inc.Contact: John W. Nelson, PE (630) 368-2065


RR -13 –5662

Key Team Members

Moussa A. Issa, Project Manager Mahmoud A. Issa, Structural Project Engineer Lisa Buntin, Structural Staff Engineer John Saraceno, Structural Staff Engineer

Description of Structures

Bridge Inspection, BCR, and PS&E were conducted or developed on the following structures:

  • Bridge Number 1201:
    Eastbound E-W Tollway (I-88) over Rickelson Creek.
  • Bridge Number 1202:
    Westbound E-W Tollway (I-88) over Rickelson Creek.
  • Bridge Number 1205:
    Eastbound E-W Tollway (I-88) over Beach Creek.
  • Bridge Number 1206:
    Westbound E-W Tollway (I-88) over Beach Creek

Descriptionof Work

Services provided were design and preparation of all construction plans of the mainline pavement and shoulders included earthwork cross-sections, horizontal and vertical alignment layout design, ditch profiles, and utility plan. Bridge inspections were performed and preparation of the bridge condition report with rehabilitation design plans were completed. HBM assisted in developing maintenance of traffic, traffic barrier warrant analysesand construction staging plans with Maintenance of Traffic coordination.