HBM Experience – Mundelein Building

Mundelein Building Retrofit AtLoyola University/ North Shore Campus Chicago, Illinois 60660

The work in this project was carried out in the following two tasks:

Task I:The scope of services for this task included a feasibility study for the partial/full removal of the auditorium balcony structure at the Mundelein Center. The feasibility study recommendations were based on field visits and a detailed review and investigation of the as-built structural drawings.

HBM Engineering Group, LLC visually inspected the site on several visits and reviewed the existing auditorium balcony structure.

As a result of information obtained from site visits, existing plans and other design considerations, HBM Engineering Group, LLC completed the final report for the partial/full removal recommendations.

Task II: The scope of services for this task included a feasibility study of drainage and water leakage at the fan room basement floor of the Mundelein building and rehabilitation recommendations. The study included the following:

  • Investigate the water table in the northeast corner of the building basement floor (fan room).
  • Investigate and excavate the blocked/clogged floor drain.
  • Investigate the clogging of the 6” drain tile pipe in the fan room

Based on the above investigation, it was recommended to install drain tiles above the existing basement floor with CA6 stones and to install a new 8” concrete slab above the drain tile system. The water will be collected into a new sump pit and then either allowed to flow by gravity or pumpedinto the existing 6” storm sewer line in the fan room. This required temporarily dewatering the area of work. Based on this investigation, HBM EngineeringGroup, LLC prepared construction design plans and specifications, reviewedthe shop drawings, coordinated with prime consultant and clientand made field visits during the construction process.

Year Designed: 2006
Year Constructed:2006

Prime Consultant:
Elara Engineering
HBM Engineering Group, LLC