HBM Experience – Madonna Della Strada Retrofit

Madonna Della Strada Chapel Retrofit At Loyola University/ North Shore CampusChicago, Illinois 60660

The scope of services for this project included the design of structural retrofit for a historical church at Loyola University. Structural requirementswere balanced withpreserving the original exterior facades.The workincluded the design of concrete slab and wall openings for mechanical system replacement, production of structural drawings and specifications, review of shop drawings, coordination and field visits during the construction process.

The Madona Della Strada Chapel for Loyola University is located at the North Shore Campusin Chicago, Illinois. The projectincluded the replacement of the existing mechanical system equipment. HBMEngineering Group, LLC visually inspected the site duringseveral visits and reviewed the existing building drawings. Non-destructive field testing of floor concrete strengthwas performed.

As a result of information obtained from site visits,plans and other design considerations, HBM Engineering Group, LLC completed the design and detailing of several new openings in the existing walls and floors of the building.Finite Element Modelsof the different openings weredeveloped by using SAP 2000 to reflect the true geometry of the openings anddetermine the required steel plates and shapes used to strengthen the openings due to resulting forces and stresses.

Year Designed: 2004
Year Constructed:2004

Prime Consultant:
Elara Engineering
HBM Engineering Group, LLC