HBM Experience – KJM Building

Kennedy Jordan Manor Senior Housing Building 118th and Halsted Chicago, IL 60628

The scope of services for this project included design of all structural elements, production of structural drawings and specifications, coordination and field visits during the construction process.

The Kennedy Jordan Manor is a new senior housing facility located at 118thand Halsted in Chicago, Illinois. The building has five floors (6 levels) and approximately 74, 350 square feet of floor area.A hollow-core precastfloor system was utilized and supported by steel beams which transferred the loads to the columns and foundations. Concrete shear walls were used to resist wind in the major (east-west) direction while a moment frame between gridlines 6 and 7 was designed to resist wind in theminor (north-south) direction.

A Finite Element Model was developed by using SAP 2000 to reflect the true geometry of the structure. Beams and columns were modeled by line elementsandbeam ends were released to simulate shear connections wherever needed. All foundations were assumed to be pinnedin the mathematical model.Shear walls were modeled with membrane elements to resist in-plane thereby forces resulting in a braced structure.The effect of concrete floor slab wasmodeledby a rigid floor diaphragm at every floor level to distribute lateral wind forces homogenously among all members.Dead,live and wind loading patterns were calculated and applied to model as per designload cases.

The foundation was designed to support the service loads of the structure and a Finite Element Model (FEM) was created for the mat foundation using soil springs and plate elements.

Additionally, a construction stage analysis was performed for the structure using knee braces to resist major direction wind forces during the construction process.

Year Designed: 2004
Year Constructed:2005

Prime Consultant:
B.A. Taylor and Associates
HBM Engineering Group, LLC