HBM Experience – Elgin Park Maintenance Building

Village of South ElginParks and Recreation Maintenance Facility74 W. Middle Street,South Elgin, Illinois 60177

The scope of services for this project included design of all structural elements, production of structural drawings and specifications, review of shop drawings, coordination and field visits during the construction process.

The structure is a one-story building with wood roof trusses supported on CMU bearing walls and steel columns. The total area of the building is 6,235square feet.

A Finite Element Model was developed for the canopy using SAP 2000 to reflect the true geometry of the structure.SAP 2000 feature of steel design wasused to design steel membersas per AISC Steel Design Code. Beams and columns werechecked for all possible combinationsof shear,flexure and minor direction bending moments at six different stations. The P-M interaction values weredisplayed in design charts.

Year Designed: 2007
Year Constructed:2008

Prime Consultant:
Temple Architects, LLC
HBM Engineering Group, LLC