HBM-CDOT Harrison St Viaduct-converted

Project Location

Harrison Street Viaduct West of the Chicago River

Services Provided

Phase I&II

Project Owner

Chicago Department of Transportation

Project Contact (Prime)

Moussa A. Issa, PhD, PE, SEProject Manager(708) 236-0900

Prime Consultants

Alfred Benesch & Company

Project Duration

1 year

Key Team Members

Mahmoud A. Issa, Project EngineerJohn Saraceno, Structural EngineerWilliam Mardauss, Structural Engineer

Description of Project

The Harrison Street viaduct west of the Chicago River is a 22-span structure consists of a concrete slab supported on steel stringers and cross girders. The substructure consists of built-up steel columns filled and encased with concrete and a reinforced concrete abutment. The bridge is approximately 776 feet long with an overall deck width of approximately 66 feet. Bent 1 and the east side of Span 1 are inside the bascule bridge house. The rest of Span 1 through Span 5 is located in the post office yard. The post office warehouse is below Spans 6 through 10. Spans 11 through 22 are above Union Station railroad tracks and the adjacent property.

The Phase I preliminary engineering services for this viaduct included the preparation and approval of all preliminary engineering documents required by the Federal Highway Administration (FHW A) and the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) including a Project Development Report and TS&L Plans. The Project Development Report determined if reconstruction of theviaduct is justified and required.

Description of Scope

Phase I Inspection/BCR: The HBM scope of work for the 22-Span Harrison Street Viaduct West of the Chicago River Bridge included the following:

  • Review of Existing As-Built Plans, Rehabilitation Plans, Shop Drawings, Inspection Reports and any other existing Documentation.
  • Detailed Field Inspection was utilized in evaluating the existing 22-span structure, the preparation of the rehabilitation/replacement options and the recommended structural rehabilitation/replacement option in the Bridge Condition Report (BCR)
  • Preparation of the BCR to summarize the detailed field inspection findings and include final recommendations for the 22-span structure.
    Phase II Engineering Services: Includes the preparation of plans, specifications and contract documents (January 2018)