Wabash Avenue Improvement Project

Cook County, Chicago, Illinois

  • 29 East Madison Street
  • 35 East Wacker Drive
  • 16 North Wabash Avenue
  • 8-10 North Wabash Avenue
  • 228 South Wabash Avenue
  • 24 East Congress Parkway
  • 506 South Wabash Avenue
  • 185 North Wabash Avenue
  • 55 East Washington Boulevard
  • 9 North Wabash Avenue
  • 425 South Wabash Avenue

The Vaulted Sidewalks along both Sides of Wabash Avenue between Harrison Street and Wacker Drive at the above mentioned addresses were all inspected and rehabilitated if needed.

Wabash Avenue Improvement

The field inspection was limited to the inspection of the sidewalks from the vaults underneath. The information collected from the field inspection was thoroughly studied and investigated and the feasibility of using carbon fiber wrap to rehabilitate the sidewalk structures was evaluated. An inspection report was prepared for each vaulted sidewalk. The final recommendations included in these reports were carried out on those sidewalks recommended for rehabilitation using carbon fiber.   Field samples were taken and laboratory tested for strength.  Final rehab documents also included the design calculations, plan preparation and specifications for the rehabilitation of the sidewalks using carbon fiber.  Quantities were calculated and the carbon fiber rehabilitation cost was estimated.  QC/QA was an ongoing process during the project engineering services period.

Wabash Avenue Improvement

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