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Engineering the Future, Present, and Past

HBM is a full-service civil and structural engineering firm located in Hillside, Illinois. The firm is registered with the Illinois Department of Business Regulation as a Professional Design Firm offering professional and structural engineering services and can be licensed in any state as required.

HBM is pre-qualified by the City of Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) for:

  • Design of Simple Highway Bridges
  • Typical Highway Bridges
  • Advanced Typical Highway Bridges
  • Complex Highway Bridges

In addition, HBM is pre-qualified by the Illinois Department of Transportation for the following work categories:

  • Highways – Roads and Streets
  • Highways – Freeways
  • Structures – Moveable
  • Structures – Highway: Complex
  • Structures – Highway: Advanced Typical
  • Structures – Highway: Simple
  • Structures – Highway: Typical
  • Special Studies – Location Drainage
  • Location Design Studies – Reconstruction/Major Rehabilitation
  • Location Design Studies – Rehabilitation
  • Structures – Railroad
  • Special Services – Construction Inspection

Also, HBM is pre-qualified by the Illinois Capital Development Board (CDB) for Civil and Structural Engineering Services. HBM is a Female Business Enterprise (FBE) certified by the Illinois Department of Central Management Services, a Women Business Enterprise (WBE) certified by the City of Chicago, the Women Business Development Center and the Women Business Enterprise National Council, and a Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE) certified by the City of Chicago.

HBM utilizes creativity, design innovation, engineering skills, field, and office experience combined with aesthetic and other considerations to provide economical and constructible projects.

At HBM we are committed to deliver excellent and innovative professional and structural engineering services to public and private clients by staying current with new technologies and codes of practice. HBM staff provides value to each of our clients by being responsive, proactively working with the project team to solve problems, providing sound design, excellent construction documents and maintaining the project schedule.

HBM’s diverse team includes structural engineers, professional engineers, construction managers, rating engineers and field inspectors with over 100 years of combined experience. Each team member brings a solid background of technical knowledge and experience to every project, earning HBM outstanding qualifications in the fields of civil, structural and geotechnical engineering. HBM staff members are familiar with the latest requirements and guidelines of CDOT, IDOT, ISTHA, AASHTO and AREMA. HBM’s engineers have excellent and respected reputations with federal, state and local governmental agencies in the performance of professional services. HBM staff is continuously developed through in-house and external training.

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DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise)

Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE)

Women’s Business Development Center (WBDC)

Central Management Services (CMS)

Illinois Capital Development Board